Plant Based On A Budget

Plant Based On A Budget

One of the biggest myths on the planet is that switching to a plant-based healthy diet is expensive. In reality, the opposite is true. When is the last time you’ve seen a bag of broccoli cost more than a steak and beer?

Here are 5 Tips to Save You Money:

1. Eat whole foods.
Vegetables, legumes, nuts, fruits and whole grains are nutritious and require no processing and little packaging which make them less expensive for the producer. Shop in markets that allow you to purchase by ounce or pound.

2. Stock Up On Your Staples.
Quinoa, rolled oats and wild rice are staples in many plant based recipes. Purchasing them in bulk will save you time and money. Having bulk items on the shelf will also eliminate last minute trips to the grocers.

3. Eat In Season.
Seasonal organic produce is healthier, fresher and more readily available at local farmers markets. In many spiritual traditions, eating in season is believed to strengthen harmony and alignment in the body and mind.

4. Consider a CSA.
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is one of the best kept budgeting secrets. You’ll receive fresh, local produce in the volume that makes sense for you and your family. And if it’s still too much, you can always cost-share with a friend.

5. Get Social.
Team up with friends and family who are also inspired to live a plant-based lifestyle. Sharing recipes, coupon codes, tips on local farmers markets and handy kitchen equipment will make the journey fun while also saving your most precious resource of all: your time!

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