NeuroWellness is Achievable

The Many Faces of Stress

Have you been told by past healthcare providers you’re “fine” even though you don’t feel fine?


You are not alone.


At Seva Health we believe that nobody knows you better than YOU do.  The body’s neuroendocrine system is complex, with multiple neurotransmitters and hormones affecting every aspect of human health.


We have helped many people just like you find relief from symptoms of untreated, undiagnosed and misdiagnosed conditions through easy, convenient and painless testing. We call it the ‘test, don’t guess’ method.  Our holistic approach can help you regain the happiness and calm you once felt, before stress and fatigue set in.

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Neurotransmitter Patient 2
Neurotransmitter Patient 3

Neurotransmitter and hormone imbalances might be an underlying cause of your symptoms.


The NeuroWellness Program identifies imbalances behind many different clinical complaints, which can then be used to develop a personalized treatment plan that focuses on nutrition, lifestyle modifications and correcting critical nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances.


No more bouncing between stress and burn-out.


You can feel calm, balanced and in control of your health again.


Our program helps you change your life, not just your symptoms.

Find The Root Cause

Partnering with Sanesco’s NeuroWellness Program™ and their NeuroLab, we can help address the underlying causes of common health concerns with a proprietary system that analyzes neurotransmitter and hormone imbalances, provides personalized clinical data, and offers a targeted non-drug adjunct to existing treatment.

Sanesco’s NeuroWellness Program
Sanesco’s NeuroWellness Program
Sanesco’s NeuroWellness Program

Hear From Our Patients

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Ready to Feel Better?

Stop guessing. Let’s uncover the root cause for what you’re feeling to change your life, not just your symptoms.


A new path to wellness is here.

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