Change Your Life
Not Just Your Symptoms

Remember the good old days when healthcare was simple and the doctor came to you?


Well, that’s what we do, only better. Seva Health gives you choices and puts you back in control of your health. We offer exceptional integrative healthcare and private lifestyle coaching in our office or in the safety of your own home through telemedicine.


At Seva Health, we know that it’s not just about living longer, it’s about living better. It’s about making the science simple again to help you change your life, not just your symptoms. And it’s about saving you time, saving you money and exceeding your expectations.


Modern medicine, modern technology and good ‘old fashioned’ caring – that’s Seva Health.

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What area of your life needs the most attention today?

Find out in this free 7-day email course and learn how radical self-compassion can help you recognize signs of burnout, reverse damage caused by stress, and restore your physical, mental, and spiritual health.


    The tools and workbook offered in the RETREAT mini-course will help you begin to think through your own particular pattern of living; your commitments and point of balance between your work, your relationships, and your life. You will begin to see the areas of your life where more or less is needed; be it more communion with others or more solitude with self. You’ll design a self-compassion practice that will feel like an island oasis awaiting you.  Most importantly, the skills you will gain in your RETREAT will deepen your self-awareness and strengthen your resilience to face life’s inevitable challenges with wisdom and grace.

    How can we best serve you?

    Clinical Services

    Routine preventative healthcare, mindful medication management for mental health, nutritional counseling and functional medicine testing. With nearly 30 years of experience, we’re committed to empowering you to take control of your own health through an integrative and holistic approach to healing. These services and more are available in our Pikesville office or via telemedicine for patients in the Maryland and District of Columbia region.

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    Health Coaching

    Personalized health coaching designed to help you achieve better sleep, a healthier gut microbiome, balanced hormones and a mind-body practice that will leave you feeling more centered and focused in your life. Functional medicine testing combined with finding clarity about your core values will help you gain the confidence and courage to unlock your strengths, overcome your challenges and break through your roadblocks.

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    A new path to wellness

    Providing a safe, holistic, & personalized approach to health grounded in people-first values

    Integrative Care

    A holistic model of care that treats the whole, multidimensional person—treating the full spectrum of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, relational, and environmental influences that impact your health and well-being.

    Functional Health

    A solution-focused approach that uses the tools of functional lab testing to uncover the root cause of your health concerns including hormone irregularities, brain neurotransmitter and nutritional deficiencies and gut microbiome imbalances to help you change your life, not just your symptoms.

    Health Coaching

    A transformative, insight-driven model of coaching that helps you strengthen self-awareness, build upon your innate strengths, clarify your core values, reframe negative-self talk and overcome self-defeating habits so that you can create lifelong practices for mind-body-spirit health and well-being.

    Functional Lab Testing

    Brain fog? Weight gain? Or just simply burned out? Change your life, not just your symptoms with functional medicine testing.


    There is solid clinical evidence that inflammation can damage your cells, dampen your mood and drastically impact your physical and mental health. Chronic health conditions like diabetes, dementia, irritable bowel disease, depression, anxiety and mood orders all have one thing in common — cellular stress that disrupts your gut microbiome, alters your gene expression, down-regulates your immune system and changes the way your body responds to stress.


    Years ago the answer to these debilitating diseases was medication or surgery.


    Today, you are in control. No more hacks. No more band-aids. No more quick-fix solutions that don’t work.


    At Seva Health we help you get to the root cause of your symptoms with functional lab testing.

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    Why choose Seva Health?

    Our mission at Seva Health is simple: to bring exceptional, integrative healthcare back to the forefront. We deeply believe that healthier people build healthier communities. Healthier communities lead to stronger societies and stronger societies lead to a better world for future generations to come. Our work begins and ends with compassion and an unwavering commitment to whole-person healthcare care for all.


    We believe that an individual’s health is the most sacred experience of all.

    It is an honor and a privilege to be a health care provider; to give the care and guidance needed to cure an illness and restore health. We value individuality and the diversity of personal experiences and cultural differences. We value the art of listening to truly understand a health concern. Our practice model is designed for longer visits with your provider which allows the time needed to develop a therapeutic relationship. The result is a deeper connection and mutual trust.


    We believe that honesty is fundamental to good clinical practice.

    We value transparency and honest, authentic relationships. The trust and respect we gain from our patients and their families is rooted in our commitment to honest communication and accepting responsibility for the care we give. Understanding your goals and values while practicing at the highest standard of evidence-based care reduces the risk of dangerous errors and improves our end results. Simply stated: honesty is the building block of our practice.


    We believe that knowledge is powerful and key to overall wellness. 

    We admit: we’re old fashioned. We believe in the timeless maxim that ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ We change lives, not just symptoms by finding the root cause of illness and using a broad, integrative approach to healing. We’re constantly learning, paying special attention to new scientific evidence on the role of nutrition, personal stress and mental well-being in health. Knowledge inspires us and helps us help you apply sustainable self-care practices at every stage in life.

    Your Journey to Wellness Begins Here

    Whether it’s losing weight or lowering your cholesterol, you already know that you need to make changes. But change is hard isn’t it? It’s scary and it’s uncertain in a world full of uncertainty and conflicting information.


    We understand.


    That’s why we’re here to remind you that you don’t have to do everything at once. We’re here to help you take it one step at a time; steps that matter and steps that will make a major difference in your life.


    Lifestyle medicine puts you in control and helps you change the things you can, step by step. Together we’ll help you uncover the root cause of your concerns to help you change your life, not just your symptoms.


    Fit & Functional for Life®

    We believe that good health is so much more than an annual physical and the weight on a scale. Good health is also the amount of harmony, joy, peace, purpose and fulfillment we feel in our lives — but it’s hard getting there alone. 


    We know that community matters now more than ever before. 


    If you’re searching for a new path to wellness and looking for a safe, private and supportive community where you can put an end to negative self-talk and start building a solid foundation for life-long health we welcome you to join us.

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    What My Clients Are Saying

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    Hi! I’m Angel

    I’ll never forget the feeling of being at the end of my rope and tired of being tired. Working twelve hour night shifts in the intensive care unit at Johns Hopkins Hospital and the R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore while also raising two young children left me with no time and no energy to attend to my own health. Like everyone else struggling through the night shift, coffee and unhealthy snacks kept me awake. Weekends were spent playing catch up on my sleep in between swim meets, baseball games and events that I didn’t want my children to miss. 


    I gained weight. My libido suffered. My body was worn down.


    I know what it feels like to put your health on the back burner for family obligations and professional growth. And I know what it feels like to wake up wondering why your body seems to be fighting against you with aches, pains, a lousy mood and the numbers on the scale to prove it. 


    I knew it was time to change my life, not just my symptoms.


    You deserve the opportunity to thrive, with strong, resilient health that fuels your daily life. My mission at Seva Health is to make the science simple, help you break the burnout cycle and give you the strategies & solutions that support your specific lifestyle, optimize your time, and prevent illness. I want you to experience the vitality you need to design the life you deserve.

    Meet Angel

    Healthy Housecalls with Angel


    Learn how to achieve real health & the joy, purpose, and vitality you want in your life.

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    I’ve got so much to share!


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    Live and on-demand education to help you get Fit & Functional For Life!

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    The care, compassion and support you need to help you achieve your goals


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