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Your mind is your greatest friend, but it can also be your worst enemy.

Just like there are some days full of dark clouds and some days with clear skies, your brain is full of clouded thoughts and clear thoughts, too. On any given day your mind is constantly switching between self-compassion and self-sabotage that impacts your health, your relationships, your financial well-being, and ultimately, your happiness.


Whether it be losing weight, reversing diabetes, or lowering your blood pressure to reduce your prescription load, most attempts at positive lifestyle change fail because we stop at just learning new concepts without gaining the skills to put them into practice consistently. Sustained change towards a more positive mind requires laying down new brain pathways to form new habits through consistent daily practice.


Imagine yourself able to remain calm, clear-headed, and positive to take action on your health goals even while handling life’s greatest challenges. What becomes possible for you in your career, your relationships and your life?


That’s what I am here to help you discover.


Clarity builds confidence; confidence yields success.


If you’re like most people you already know what you need to do to achieve optimal health but you’ve had a hard time doing it. The stress in your life causing you to lose sleep, eat unhealthy foods, and skip out on exercise is all the result of sabotaging thoughts that have become self-defeating actions.


You’ll start by gaining clarity on the limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging habits that have held you back for so long and have you spinning your wheels. We call this mental fitness.


We use the Positive Intelligence® Method of developing mental fitness because awareness of limiting beliefs is the first step to changing behaviors that no longer serve you.


A house is only as strong as the foundation it’s built on.


You’re here to change your LIFE not just your symptoms and it’s important to understand where your body’s SOS signals. We call this the Test, Don’t Guess approach. We will check for gut and hormone imbalances, cortisol dysregulation, nutrient deficiencies, and food intolerances that may be contributing to mental fatigue, lack of motivation, difficulty sleeping and trouble focusing.  These clinical tests reveal underlying root causes of dysfunction that can have a powerful impact on your physical health and mental well-being; tests that aren’t part of a normal routine physical.


You’ll refine your daily routine to start doing more of what nourishes you, and less of what doesn’t support your well-being with the science to back it up.


Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.


Now that you know exactly where your body is struggling and what you need for support, you’ll be enrolled in my private, HIPAA compliant coaching app to set tangible goals, take laser-focused action, develop daily routines and start practices that help you track your progress and develop your self-accountability muscles.


You’ll get bi-weekly live coaching check-ins, personalized science-based supplement recommendations, and self-guided resources to help you continually silence those self-sabotaging thoughts.  You will be amazed by the self-compassionate side of your mind getting stronger, your new lifestyle habits becoming more consistent and the refreshed feeling of having more mental and emotional clarity in your life.


Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.


With those clouded, self-sabotaging thoughts getting weaker and clearer thoughts getting stronger, you’ll continue build on your strong new foundation. You’ll witness how true it is that good health is the first wealth. You’ll graduate to our GROW program which includes monthly coaching check-ins and app-supported guidance on stress management, conflict management, energy optimization, compassionate parenting, and all of the areas of your life where your health is impacted most.


Just like going to the gym regularly builds your physical muscles, with continual practice and support your brain can develop neuroplasticity (mental muscles) to expand your mindset, develop healthier habits, create new life-affirming language and achieve peak performance in every area of your life. 

What mindset are you holding onto that’s making your next move harder than it should be?

Join me on a complimentary Vision to Victory Coaching call to get on the road to mental fitness that will allow you to:


1) Pinpoint the exact self-sabotaging thoughts that have been generating the most negative emotions in the way you handle life’s challenges and sabotaging your potential for both happiness and fulfillment


2) Understand how these self-sabotaging thoughts are directly connected to poor sleep, weight gain, stress eating, and hormone imbalance


3) Get 3 simple steps that will help you start rewiring years of mental habits that don’t serve you beginning right now, right where you are.


Schedule your call now to receive your FREE self-sabotage assessment and discover how often your mind is serving you versus sabotaging you in every area of life.


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