Retreat: Design the Life You Deserve

Akalki Bacalar, Mexico

If you are a professional woman yearning to clear your mind, re-energize your body and reconnect to what inspires you, then join me for five magical days, September 19-24, 2023, in the quiet oasis of Bacalar, Mexico where the heart and soul of ancient Mayan wisdom comes alive....

Happier & Healthier With HeartMath®


Still struggling with those afternoon energy crashes? Tired of getting yanked around and knocked down by yo-yo emotions? With HeartMath training you can finally put an end to those energy-depleting thoughts and emotions that are leaving you worn out, worn down and exhausted. HeartMath, through...

Happier & Healthier With Houseplants


Imagine a life where you wake up every morning feeling invigorated and rejuvenated, all thanks to the vibrant green companions that surround you. Houseplants are not just decorations; they're nature's remedy for improving your physical and emotional well-being. Are you ready to unlock the secret...


Stress Less! Get Happier & Healthier With HeartMath®


Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by stress, impacting not only your emotional well-being but also your heart health? Has your doctor told you that one more elevated blood pressure reading might mean another medication? As a dedicated health educator and nurse practitioner, I get...

Living Well With Diabetes Class


      You’ve just been diagnosed with diabetes (or prediabetes), now what? If you’re like millions of other people who’ve just been told they have diabetes you’re probably feeling a full range of emotions like shock, fear, anger and confusion about what to do...