You’ve Gotten Some Answers. Now What?

You’ve Gotten Some Answers. Now What?

Have you ever received a test result and then left with the feeling of “now what?!?”

One of the benefits of choosing to complete NeuroWellness testing is the first correlation analysis report and education (CARE) package you’ll receive once your test results are in. So, what is special about your CARE package? 

  • An objective report of your neurotransmitter results
  • An explanation of how those results contribute to your symptoms

Based on your CARE package, you’ll work with me to develop targeted interventions that help to restore your body’s balance and get back to feeling like yourself again. But something that many people miss out on is retesting. There are several benefits to retesting your neurotransmitters, including: 

  • Check your progress and see if adjustments are needed
  • See how far you’ve come!
  • Avoid wasting time and money with ‘trial and error’ approaches
  • Achieve better results in less time

Each of us will have our own unique path to optimal health. Some people will only need a couple of retests to achieve their goal while others may need to retest more frequently. This can be dependent on your stress and your genetics – but retesting is still an important part of your annual check-ups. 

Need a retest? Reach out! Let’s get you back on track!

What is Targeted Nutritional Therapy?

Using a non-drug approach, Targeted Nutritional Therapy uses the lowest dosages of the safest, most efficacious natural ingredients that work to promote healthy neurotransmitter and hormone function. 

Your plan is truly personalized to you to promote optimal health by targeting specific aspects of neuroendocrine health. Many patients report improvements in:

  • Sleep
  • Mood
  • Anxiousness
  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Weight

Beyond health improvements, there is so much more you can expect from a Targeted Nutritional Therapy program…

Want More Restful Sleep? Start Here.

Lentra is one of my favorite products in my clinical practice. As an all-natural solution, Lentra works to support your inhibitory neurotransmission, which aids in relaxation and restfulness without that groggy, sedative feeling.
 works by rebalancing and supporting GABA release and function in your body – balancing and supporting healthy GABA activity in the body. Having healthy GABA activity in your body is important for relaxation, calm, mood regulation, and sleep quality. 

If you’re interested in a targeted nutritional therapy approach – reach out. Let’s find the supports that will best work for you!

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