Mindset Mastery: Your best self this season.

Your best self this season

Mindset Mastery: Your best self this season.

Do you remember being a kid and feeling so anxious to be a grown up? At thirteen you dreamed of being sixteen so you could get the car keys in your hands. At sixteen you dreamed of being eighteen so you could move out and be free to party all night with your friends. Life was just one big exciting push forward, wasn’t it?

These days, I’ll bet your dreams are a lot bigger than they were then and with big dreams comes big obstacles and a whole lot of setbacks along the way. As the years add up now and with life being so much more complex, dreams can begin to feel even further away making it also feel like you’re running out of time.

The job you’ve been searching for.

The love you’ve always wanted.

The book you’ve been trying to write.

What’s important for you now is to remember that there’s a season for every moment of your life. As it is in nature, even when the ground is frozen over, life is still unfolding deep beneath the surface in preparation for life to bloom above the surface anew.

Because maybe you’re closer than you actually know. Maybe there’s still some work for you to do beneath the ground. And maybe if you just use the gift of time right now to focus on that for a little while – becoming your very best self – it will all unfold naturally and bloom on firmer ground, so much so that it actually surprises you.


This week it would be amazing if you could simply focus on your own season of preparation and ask, ‘what does my very best self look like?’ You can use this simple guided visualization practice that I recommend in my coaching practice all the time.

While you’re breathing, use your imagination to explore pleasant and positive images of your very best self – what activities that person enjoys, what work they do, where they travel and so on. Give yourself a few minutes and then, in your journal, write what comes to mind.

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