Mindset Mastery: Getting unstuck …NOW.

Mindset Mastery: Getting unstuck ...NOW.

Mindset Mastery: Getting unstuck …NOW.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who you knew for sure didn’t hear a word you said? It literally feels like you’re just talking to the wind, doesn’t it? Yet every day this is what most of us do to ourselves without even knowing it. We hold on so tightly to old beliefs and cling to outdated truths so much that we are completely tuned out to anything new.

“I tried that a million times and it didn’t work.”

“I asked for that last year and they told me no.”

“I can’t do that at my age. It’s different now.”

These are the kinds of thoughts that make us feel stuck and completely out of options. While it may be true that you’ve tried before or asked before or you’re getting older and things have changed, what’s also true is that every new moment is a kiss goodbye to your past.

What’s important for you now, my friend, is to know that you are never stuck and you are never without options. What’s actually stuck is your thoughts – tied to a past that’s over and done with and beliefs that no longer serve you.

This week it would be amazing if you could practice helping yourself step into the NOW when those stuck thoughts appear.

You can do this by trying out a very simple breathing practice that I use all the time.

Breathing exercise

As you’re breathing, turn your attention to the NOW but quietly affirming in your mind “I am in the NOW. This moment is new and perfect just as it is. All is well in the NOW.” As you inhale and exhale, allow yourself to bathe in the newness of every breath and enjoy how far you’ve come already, even if there is still a ways to go.

In the meantime, if having a bit of community connection to learn these skills so that you can feel more connected, inspired and motivated in your life feels right for you, I’d love to see you in the Seva Circle.

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