Mindset Mastery: Can you wait?

Mindset Mastery: Can you wait?

Mindset Mastery: Can you wait?

Have you ever thought about how many ways there are to express love? At least a million, I’m sure. Tomorrow we will probably see quite a few for Valentine’s Day. There will be phone calls, text messages, flowers, sweet treats, and teary-eyed declarations of passion and commitment. As romantic as it may be the truth is simple: there is no love greater than the love we give to ourselves.

Patience is an act of self-love and self-care. The world ‘patient’ comes from the Latin adjective ‘patiens’ which literally means ‘one who endures.’ One who can wait, then wait some more. When we are patient we acknowledge that everything unfolds in its own time; that we don’t have to keep worrying and stressing ourselves out about how and when it’s all going to come together. We can simply relax into the knowing that it will.

Being patient doesn’t mean sitting on the sidelines. It means that you trust all things happen in divine timing.

Over the years I’ve noticed that the Universe seems to have a soft spot for those who demonstrate they can endure and I’m sure you’ve seen it too. You’ve heard the story of the author who’s first book was published at 62 – fulfilling a lifelong dream to be a published writer even in the face of hundreds of rejections. You’ve heard the story of the couple who meet again at a 30th high school reunion and rekindle a romance after years of trying their hardest to find ‘the one.’

What’s important for you now, my friend, is to simply remember that you don’t have to keep trying so hard and working so hard at everything, all the time. You can let the Universe do what you cannot do for yourself. Because just like a beautiful puzzle or a timeless musical composition, sometimes one piece has to appear before the next can slide into place.

This week, it would be amazing if you could carve out a little time for a nature walk to witness how many lessons of patience there are around you.

Turn your love and affection inward for a little while and affirm quietly in your mind, “I am patient. I love myself enough to wait for all things to come together for my highest good.” Take a moment to pause and enjoy how far you’ve come already, even if there is still a ways to go.

In the meantime, if having a bit of community connection and support for these emotional hurdles feels right for you, I’d love to see you in the Seva Circle.

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