Getting Serious About Self-Care

Getting Serious About Self-Care

Lately there’s a lot of talk about finding balance in a world that seems to move non-stop.  With 24-7 responsibility to our families, friends and employers how do we find the time to nurture ourselves?  What practices can we incorporate into our lives to bring a sense of calm? Beyond just taking a day off or spending a weekend at the spa, what can we do to fundamentally alter our everyday experiences from stress and frustration to joy and fulfillment?



Self-care is more than a day off and more than time spent at the spa. Self-care is about intentional decision-making that focuses on building a lifestyle that works for you, not against you.  Have a listen to my interview on January 31st with Dr. Vicki Reese, host of the Hope and Wellness Show, BLIS.FM – Getting Serious About Self-Care

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