4 Healthy Kitchen Strategies

4 Healthy Kitchen Strategies

Happy National Nutrition Month!


It’s almost spring and soon we’ll be back in our gardens but until then let’s talk about one of my favorite teaching topics: how to make it easier to get more healthy foods on your plate when you’ve got a busy schedule.


1. Rock the Bowl. Buddha Bowls are one of my favorite ‘nutrition hacks’ because 1) they’re filling 2) you can pack a lot of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals in one small space and 3) we eat with our eyes first — they’re colorful and creative like a work of art. Keep a handy supply of your favorite fruits, veggies and grains on hand and in minutes your meal can be done.


2. Grain of the Week. Challenge yourself each week with a new, interesting grain. Save time by cooking a whole batch of it on the weekend so it’s ready to go. Grains are gut healthy and can be easily added to stews, salads and Buddha bowls. Quinoa is my personal fave!


3. Break out the Beans. Once you’ve got your grain routine down then add a bean of the week. Beans are loaded with phytochemicals and nutrients. If you’re pressed for time you can always grab frozen but cooking fresh from scratch is always better.


 4.  Perfect Your Prep. The one place it’s safe to be a multi-tasker is in the kitchen. While beans and grains are cooking, turn on your favorite playlist and start dicing, slicing, chopping and storing your produce so that it’s easy to access when you need a healthy snack alternative. Upgrade your storage bins and consider airtight, glass like my Zwilling.


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