Turning off the ‘Late Night Snack Attack’

Turning off the ‘Late Night Snack Attack’

Have you ever wondered what’s behind the late night snack attack?

Leptin, the primary hormone from adipose tissue (fat) contributes to the satiety signals that control our energy balance and metabolism, telling the brain “I’m full” and telling the body to stop eating. In a healthy hormone state, leptin will tell the brain to stimulate the thyroid gland to create a normal metabolic rate. However, increased leptin in the body leads to leptin resistance – a well-known hormonal change that contributes to weight gain. 

When we eat and begin to fill up, leptin levels rise and send the message “I’m full, stop eating and increase metabolism now”. However, in people where leptin is elevated due to being overweight, this can lead to higher incidences of poor thyroid function. This is because leptin stimulates the thyroid. 

There are ways to restore proper leptin functioning in the body. This includes: 

  • Eating a whole-foods diet that emphasizes protein and good fats rather than insulin-inducing carbohydrates
  • Weight loss and calorie restriction to decrease leptin resistance
  • Daily exercise

Not sure what’s happening with your hormones? Having a NeuroWellness check is a great place to start. 

Reach out today and let’s talk about what the next best step is for you and your health and wellness goals. 

Mastering The Master Clock To Boost Your Mood, Jumpstart Your Metabolism & Break Free From Burnout For Good

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What do hot flashes, weight gain, depression, anxiety, low libido and mental burnout all have in common?

If you answered ‘circadian rhythm disruption’ you’re right. In fact, countless clinical research studies have shown that our master body clock does much more than just regulate our sleep. You’ll take a quick time travel back to the first discovery of chronobiology, fast forward to the latest genetic research about the genes that control your sleep-wake cycle, learn how it all connects to three MASTER hormones that govern your body’s metabolism, motivation and mood and you’ll leave with my insider tips on the clinical studies, functional lab tests and lifestyle strategies that can help you master your master clock, jumpstart your metabolism and break through burnout for good!

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