Monday Mindset Mastery: Healing Through Relationships

Monday Mindset Mastery: Healing Through Relationships

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Have you ever thought about how much your relationships impact your health and how productive you are in your life?

I know that when my children were in junior high school (yes, those rough and tough teenage years!) it was hard to sleep and even harder to get anything done. My mind was all over the place and, had it not been for my meditation practice, I’ll bet my blood pressure would have been, too. 

When you love someone, conflict is hard. 

But conflict doesn’t have to mean the end of a relationship if it’s worthwhile and safe. Resolving differences strengthens relationships and our health, too. Yes, it requires effort and it may not always be so simple, especially when there has been a betrayal of trust but I’ve found that relationship management is work worth doing. 

Relationships are part of life and because life will always have challenges we can expect that relationships will always have challenges, too. The goal is to focus on the present rather than becoming stuck in the past. 

If relationship management feels tough for you right now here are some ideas that can help you rebuild, refresh and renew:

1. Own your mistakes 

You know that old saying that it ‘takes two to tango?’ It’s true. The first and most important step in healing any relationship is to acknowledge and accept our own role and responsibilities. Avoid being defensive or denying your fault, but also avoid blaming yourself. Own your mistakes in a loving manner that makes room for the beginning of trust-rebuilding. 

2. Don’t expect them to read your mind 

People are living really complex lives these days. It’s unfair and unrealistic to expect people to know what we need or what we’re thinking. Be upfront, truthful, and transparent about what you expect. This will demonstrate your respect for the other person and aid in healing any damaged trust. Never assume that someone can read your mind because no one can. 

3. Listen more, react less 

Boy, was this a BIG one for me! Being a parent taught me how to stop and try to comprehend what they my kids were saying saying rather than trying to formulate my rebuttal while they were talking. Respectful listening demonstrates true empathy and it also helps you identify the problems in your relationship. 

4. Make sure it’s not one-sided 

Both people should actively strive to improve the relationship. But what if one person is not willing to put in the work? Working with someone who is uninterested is pointless – take a step back and reevaluate. 

5. Learn to forgive 

Forgiveness in a damaged relationship is HARD but if it’s the only thing that will mend a broken relationship, home, or friendship, choose forgiveness.

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Be well, friend, and have an awesome week!

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