Monday Mindset Mastery: Ceremonies for Every Season of Your Life

Monday Mindset Mastery: Ceremonies for Every Season of Your Life

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Writer Kendra Adachi talks frequently about seasonal ceremonies. A seasonal ceremony is something that marks a transition – either a beginning or an end. The ceremony is meant to be purposeful, meaningful, and something to look forward to. Often, it gives us time to pause and feel a sense of joy in something we spent time loving. 

While we often celebrate things like getting a new job, the birth of a baby, or a gradation – a seasonal ceremony is something that is meant to be repeated. You should want to repeat it again and again! Chances are, you may already have some seasonal ceremonies in your life such as the start of a new school year, or transitioning from summer to autumn. 

So, how do you actually do a seasonal ceremony? 

It could be as simple as putting up the Christmas tree after Thanksgiving as a family, or taking your children to an ice cream shop the evening before school begins. The ceremony can be as elaborate or as simple as you’d like. What is important is that it’s meaningful to you and allows you to reflect on what season is closing and the new season that is about to begin. 

Seasonal ceremonies are intentional, but also incredibly personal and powerful.

A seasonal ceremony of your own can help you: 

  • Cultivate a deeper sense of gratitude
  • Honor the chapters of your life that have ended
  • Embrace new beginnings with ease
  • Release sources of stress
  • Focus on creating more abundance in your life

This coming Thursday, September 22 marks the official beginning of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Autumn equinox is the perfect time for creating a seasonal ceremony of your own even if it’s just lighting a candle and free writing in your journal.

What seasonal ceremonies are you already doing? What are some seasons in your life you could consider adding ceremonies into? What’s one thing you can do this week to create more rejuvenating ceremony in your life?

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Be well and have an awesome week!

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