5 BIG Mindset Shifts for Long-Term Happiness

5 BIG Mindset Shifts for Long-Term Happiness

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Had you asked me 20 years ago what would make me happy I would have given you a long list. It would have included things like finishing my graduate degree, paying off all of my debt, sending my kids off to college and maybe even getting the SUV that I really loved. Those images of happiness kept me striving above and beyond to reach my goals.

But these days I have a totally different mindset about happiness.

Happiness is not the prize at the bottom of a box of cereal. Instead, happiness is more like the snack you get to enjoy on the ride, no matter what awaits you at the end of the journey.

You see, these days we talk a lot about mental health and what I’ve learned through my own meditation practice is that a constant future-focus and the inability to be happy until something else happens is the fast road to burnout.

Here are a few life changing mindset shifts I’ve found:1. Ditch the concept of conditional happiness

Conditional happiness means only allowing yourself to be happy when a specific outcome has been achieved. For example… 

If I get that promotion, I’ll finally be happy. 
If I buy that new car, I’ll be content. 
If I have a partner, I’ll feel joy. 

The problem with conditional happiness is that even if we achieve victory, we will immediately experience the “Is this all there is?” feeling leading to more striving towards the next goal and the same feeling. 

2. Don’t wait for approval from others

The desire for approval manifests itself in many ways. Maybe it’s constantly working on one certification after another to prove that you deserve your promotion. Or it’s holding back on a big announcement because you don’t want your friends to think you’re ‘bragging.’

You don’t need to wait for another person’s approval. Do what makes you happy, celebrate your wins, know that you deserve to be happy…and never feel obligated to explain your joy. 

3. See the glass as half full, not half-empty

I know so many people who have it “made” and complain daily, and others who have it so hard that are always happy. The difference? Gratitude. Being thankful for all that you already are and already have is an instant mood booster. 

4. Turn down the volume

We all have our days with negative self-talk. Have a daily meditation practice has helped me turn down the volume of Negative Nelly and Negative Ned and turn up the volume of my own joy.

5. Make the choice

Remember that just like any other emotion, happiness is a choice. You choose happiness because you can. It isn’t the events that will make you happy. It isn’t the goals that will make you happy. You and the choice that you make to fully experience your life, in every moment, is what will make YOU happy. 

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Be well and have an awesome week!

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