Mindset Mastery: The Big Picture

The Big Picture

Mindset Mastery: The Big Picture

The other day I was listening to a podcast interview of a woman who’s had so much upheaval in her life. Her mother was only 15 when she was born so she was raised briefly by her grandmother and then shuttled from one foster home to another.

By a stroke of luck she met her father at 26 only to lose him forever to a tragic car accident. At 42 she married a firefighter – the man of her dreams – who died five years later in the line of duty. Every stage of her life has been marked by grief, loss, and tragedy in one form or another.

What was amazing about the interview is that the woman was an award-winning painter and has had permanent installations of her paintings in hospitals all around the world. Her aim in life is to help those who are hurting most heal through art.

When the host asked her if she felt cheated by Life, the woman answered ‘Absolutely not. I feel like the luckiest person in the world. I’m still here. I look at the big picture in my life, not the pieces.”

Glass ball

What’s important for you to remember this week is that no matter what phase you’re in right now, you are still whole. You are still complete.

Just like the moon as it orbits the earth every 28 days, our position in life is always changing. One day it feels like we’ve got all the pieces together and everything makes sense. The next day things fall apart and all we can see is a pile of pieces that don’t look like a big picture at all.

But just like the moon, even on days when we can only see a quarter of it in the sky, the big picture of your life is still there. You are a still whole and you are still complete. And sometimes it just takes a bit of slowing down to see it.

Roll breathing

This week it would be great if you could practice slowing down to see and feel the big picture of your life.

When the stress of work, family, friends or the conditions in the world feel like they’re pulling you apart you can simply step away and turn your attention inward towards your whole self again.

Try out this simple breathing practice that I teach in my clinical and coaching practice and, if you need something to focus on, think of the phases of the moon. Challenge yourself to breathe deeply and fully in every round. Give yourself a few minutes and then, later on in your journal, write out how that makes you feel.

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