Mindset Mastery: Expiration dates

Expiration dates

Mindset Mastery: Expiration dates

Recently, I told a friend of mine to stop trying to find her way out of a situation that was making her absolutely miserable.

Stop writing out goals.

Stop switching therapists.

Stop applying for new jobs.

Just stop.

Now, this may sound odd coming from a coach and a person in clinical practice who’s trained to look for answers to big problems. After all, 2023 makes thirty years for me as a professional healthcare provider which means I’ve learned how to solve a whole lot of problems. But what I’ve also learned is how to be patient through the inevitable seasons of my life.

What’s important for you to remember this week is that whatever is happening right now, will change.

Take a look outside your window and see that there’s probably a patch of green grass now where it was once brown. There’s probably a leaf growing on a tree that had bare branches just a month ago. There’s probably a flower somewhere pushing its way through the deep, dark Earth where there was nothing but mud all winter long. And just like nature is forever changing – never stuck, never static – you are always changing, too. Whatever you’re struggling with now has an expiration date.

Be good to yourself

This week it would be great if you could practice reminding yourself that seasons don’t last forever; seasons are not a lifetime.

When you have a minute today, grab your journal and a nice writing pen and write a letter to yourself to make this truth real. It doesn’t have to be long or detailed, it just needs to be specific.

Here’s what I’d like you to write: I am not stuck. The answers that I am looking for will arise. This season will pass. I will grow. My life will change. Things will work out.

The new season of Spring has begun here in the Northern Hemisphere. One quarter of the new year has passed. Let’s start getting serious with your journal practice by creating affirmations that empower you and strengthen your confidence to truly experience the joy that you want this year.

And in the meantime, if you need a new journal and tools that will help you make journaling a regular practice in your life, just click the link below to get them.

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