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Fit & Functional For Life® 

“Health is the first wealth.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’ve been through the journey—learning how to make simple, powerful and sustainable food and lifestyle changes to live in midlife without burnout, brain fog or fatigue—and now I’m on a mission to help overworked, overwhelmed midlife professionals reclaim their lives, take back their health and get Fit & Functional for Life ®


Hi, I’m Angel…

If there’s one thing I know well it’s what chronic stress feels like especially in midlife: brain fog, insomnia, stubborn weight gain, irritability and a life that always feels ‘on.’ As a board certified nurse practitioner, mom and wife who was dangerously close to burnout, I’ve learned that health is so much more than a yearly physical. Health is harmony; the joy and purpose you feel in your relationships, your work, your life.  I use the tool of mindfulness, apply it to the science of lifestyle medicine and help people completely transform their lives.

“My biggest issue has always been my weight and it scares me because everyone in my family is diabetic.  After having my physical and figuring out that there was nothing really “wrong” with me, Angel helped me really get serious about it.  It wasn’t my thyroid or any other kind of problem.  It was just me.  She asked me questions that no doctor had ever really asked me before.  I learned how to pay attention to my body and I learned how to stop the negativity that I kept repeating to myself.  I realized I could actually get control over my eating and my exercise. I still have a ways to go but when I look in the mirror now and see myself 30 pounds lighter and realize that I’m not prediabetic anymore?  I still can’t believe this is me.”

Kim G., Owings Mills, MD

Fit & Functional For Life ®  Coaching may be just right for you if:

  • You know that you deserve more than just an annual physical
  • You want less focus on disease and more focus on prevention
  • You want more energy, better focus during the day and better sleep at night with natural, sustainable solutions
  • You know there’s a life of emotional clarity and physical vitality awaiting you but you just don’t know how to get there
  • You’re ready to transform your life by working with a professional who shares your value of an integrative, holistic approach to health and can help you mitigate stress related symptoms before they develop into disease
  • Your time is valuable to you and you want 1:1 contact with an experienced clinician using convenient remote technologies
  • Your current healthcare provider has suggested lifestyle modifications such as changing your diet, creating an exercise regimen or stress management plan but hasn’t explained how to get started
  • You want to live longer AND live better.
  • You’re ready to get Fit & Functional For Life!

Do Any of These Symptoms Sound Familiar?


Skin, Hair, or Nail Problems

Inability to Focus

Difficulty Falling Asleep

Weight Gain

Feeling Excessively Tired


Chronic Tension Headaches

Poor Appetite

Feeling Overwhelmed

Appetite Loss

Constipation or ‘Stomach Problems’

Fit & Functional For Life®  is designed to help you focus on:

Functional Nutrition: Low Glycemic Index Eating 101, Understanding Food Sensitivities, Optimizing Your Gut Microbiome, Nutrigenomics for Mental Health

Taking Control: Mental Detox and Self Care, Getting Out of Emotional Ruts, Setting Realistic, Achievable Goals

Taming Stress: Understanding Cortisol and Adrenal Fatigue, Strengthening Your Coping Skills,  Developing Emotional Agility & Emotional Resilience

Know The Numbers: Root Cause Functional Lab Testing for Hormone Imbalances, Nutrient Deficiencies, Allergies and Food Sensitivities

The Science of Supplementation: When, Why and How to Choose the Right Nutraceutical Supplements

Weight Reduction: Understanding Exercise & Body Composition for Individual Body Types

Q&A: Integrative Health Team Building, Key Questions to Ask At Every Medical Appointment To Support Your Health Journey

Epigenetics, Nutrigenomics and Gene SNP Testing:  Lifestyle Medicine Designed for You

Creating Healthy Habits: Believing in Yourself, Developing Self-Awareness, Strengthening Your Confidence, Building a New You

Complementary Therapies: Building Your Own Mind-Body and Meditation Practice At Home

Overcoming Obstacles: Stress Eating, Hunger & Appetite, Compulsive Eating, How to Manage Plateaus

Living the Life: Measuring Results, Tips for Daily Wellness, Sustaining Success, Holding Yourself Accountable

Stop Thinking About It. Start Living It. Move from Vision to Victory!

The medical research is clear: stress is the precursor of every disease. A body that lacks sufficient rest, optimal nutrition, and physical movement is a body at risk for illness; a mind unable to manage emotional triggers is a fertile ground for poor decision-making about health.

Eliminating stress seems to be the most obvious answer, doesn’t it? If only it were that easy.

Many health professionals and coaches talk about eliminating stress but if it was that easy, wouldn’t we all be in a much different place?

But here’s the fact:  life is difficult, for everyone.  Our work causes stress. Our relationships cause stress.  And the world we live in causes stress. Stress is inevitable because life is unpredictable.

In the Fit & Functional For Life®  coaching model you will finally get off the hamster wheel, chasing ‘life hacks’ to eliminate stress and learn how to strengthen your innate tools to cope with it. 

You will:

  • gain access to the tools I’ve collected from 25+ years of studying and practicing Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) which is a scientifically proven method for coping with stress
  • learn how to rewrite your health narrative to stop repeating negative thought cycles that work against you
  • move from just talking about your vision for a healthier, longer life and start taking tangible, action-oriented steps towards living it
  • join thousands of others who’ve adopted lifestyle medicine to start eating, sleeping, moving and FEELING better


Fit & Functional For Life®  is centered in the Integral Health Coaching Model

which prioritizes salutogenesis (sahl-loo-to-jen-es-is), a concept first articulated by Israeli Sociologist Aaron Antonovsky, which literally means the creation of health and health-promoting behaviors.

Salutogenesis transcends illness and embraces wellness. This approach is significantly different from the more common focus on disease, or pathogenesis, found in Western medicine and many health coaching frameworks. The salutogenic model accepts that stress is an inevitable part of life and an ongoing, unpredictable source of tension that will never, realistically, be eliminated. Rather than spin our wheels trying to eliminate stress, we develop and strengthen inner resources to alleviate the impact of stress in our lives.

Rewriting your own health narrative will be the first step on your new journey of self-discovery through the eight specific dimensions believed to most impact your health decisions:

relaxation techniques

Emotional: gain strategies to effectively cope with strong or difficult emotions

Spiritual: explore personal definitions of faith while developing a sense of purpose and meaning in life

Environmental:  create supportive, nurturing environments that create harmony and support well being

Financial:  find satisfaction with financial obligations and future goals

Mental/Intellectual:  establish a ‘life-long learner’ perspective while building on innate creative abilities

Occupational:  find meaning and personal satisfaction with work

Social:  develop a support system that helps deepen the sense of connection and belonging

“Seeing wellness as a wheel in the way that Angel has designed it instead of a list has made wellness more accessible to me. There is no first place where one must start and no order in which things must be achieved in order to be successful. I’m also intrigued with addressing financial and environmental wellness as key components of our well-being and sense of health. We truly cannot feel secure or be able to manifest other aspects of health without the financial piece in place. It has allowed me to engage with the concept of wellness in a creative fashion instead of feeling that there was something punitive about making time and space to care for myself. I’ve used the wheel as a framework for the aspects of health that are vital to a full life, and I am adopting all eight components into my self-care equally. I’m now using reflection at the end of the day to reinforce choices I’ve made that align with that day’s wellness topic. Curiosity is turning into commitment. Something has shifted my perspective about self-care and it feels gentler and more natural now. It’s wonderful to be able to count the simple acts of watering the plants and filling the bird feeders as a way that I can take care of myself. In using the wellness wheel as a tool, I know that I will keep circling back around and be able to fine tune my self-care plan in ways that support me at different times of the year and stages of life.”

Jill M., Wisconsin

A Sample of What You’ll Learn With Fit & Functional For Life! Coaching

You are what you eat. You’ve probably heard this before. And it’s true because your eating habits have a significant impact on how your brain and body functions and an impact on how you feel.

Mindfulness is the most important practice we can ever undertake. The more we learn how to be mindful, the more present and awake we can be to the present moment and the more empowered we are to make decisions that support good nutrition and great health.


This is NOT:

  • another fad diet program telling you what not to eat and requiring you to purchase expensive, prepackaged foods;
  • another program that will have you counting carbs and calories all day leaving you starved, confused and angry;
  • a fad fitness program that requires a gym membership, expensive equipment or loads of time.


This IS:

  • a safe, medically supervised, total lifestyle approach to clean eating, science based supplementation and mindful movement
  • a resource based program in which you are supported in designing specific, measurable and attainable goals for yourself that ensure success
  • an exciting, new beginning in your life that will help you become mindful about your overall health and strengthen your confidence in your ability to


You will learn:

  • how to safely cleanse your mind and body of toxins, curb unhealthy cravings and commit to a realistic lifestyle that works for you
  • the science of how certain foods cause your blood sugar to spike and trigger your body to retain unhealthy ‘brown’ fat
  • the principles of plant-based, low glycemic-impact eating which focuses on eating clean, not eating less
  • how to properly read food labels to identify culprits and select foods that satisfy your hunger, reduce your cravings and fuel your body in a healthy
  • how to focus on body composition rather than scale based measurements (fat loss vs weight loss)
  • how to incorporate science-based supplementation that work with your body to enhance toning and fat loss
  • how to incorporate simple, consistent movement and mind-body practices that help you reap the benefits of resilient thinking and positive psychology
  • how to make a daily commitment to change unhealthy behaviors into healthy ones with tools to track your progress
  • how to balance your meals with the proper sources and amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats to fuel your metabolism and support your mood
  • how to create new habits with food and meal planning that you actually enjoy
  • how to set specific, measurable and attainable goals for yourself that ensure success and strengthen your confidence.


Fit & Functional For Life! Coaching®  is the answer if you:

  • need help getting motivated to make tangible steps toward a healthy lifestyle for life, not just for the moment
  • want to prevent a life-altering condition like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and obesity
  • want to incorporate mindfulness based strategies into your eating habits and lifestyle
  • need help with accountability and want consistent, medically supervised support
  • want to boost energy, clear brain fog, lose stubborn weight and rescue their mood to start reaching peak performance in your life

A 250 page health guide and journal, access to my video-library filled with hundreds of tutorials, functional nutrition testing options and twice monthly supervised 1:1 coaching is all included when you enroll.

“For years I have struggled to lose weight and knew that something felt “off” in my body, but every year when I got my annual physical exam my doctor said I was healthy based on the standard tests. I even had some other tests done through specialists to explore possible reasons for the constant weight gain despite a healthy diet and lifestyle, but nothing done in the traditional medical model found any issues in my body. I decided to work with Angel to see if her holistic approach and her knowledge in functional medicine might finally find out what’s going on with my body. All it took was one test that she ordered right from the get-go and we had our answers! Since that test a few months ago, I have been able to successfully lose weight with Angel’s guidance and encouragement. She is empathetic, patient and wise. I highly recommend working with her to tackle your health goals!”

K.V., Maryland

→ Are you ready to boost your energy, clear brain fog and lose the stubborn weight that has you feeling sluggish?

→ Are you ready to stop feeling like a victim to stress and chronic distraction?

→ Are you ready to get your hormones in check so that you feel more rested and productive in your work?

→ Are you ready to rescue your mood and start reaching peak performance in every area of your life?


No more wishing for the healthier lifestyle you dream of…

No more putting your health on the back burner…

No more feeling tired, wired, and burned out…


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