My biggest issue has always been my weight and it scares me because everyone in my family is diabetic. After having my physical and figuring out that there was nothing really “wrong” with me, Angel helped me really get serious about it. It wasn’t my thyroid or any other kind of problem. It was just me. She asked me questions that no doctor had ever really asked me before. I learned how to pay attention to my body and I learned how to stop the negativity that I kept repeating to myself. I realized I could actually get control over my eating and my exercise. I still have a ways to go but when I look in the mirror now and see myself 30 pounds lighter and realize that I’m not prediabetic anymore? I still can’t believe this is me.

– Kim G., Owings Mills, MD

My coaching sessions with Angel aimed at helping me see my potential as I made a major career transition in my life which needed a transformation in my mindset. I was struggling with seeing my potential and that my misconceptions were holding me back from true change. Through several good suggestions, such as journalling and mindfulness, I was able to work past these obstacles and be more aware of myself and the gifts that I have to offer. What I appreciated the most about working with Angel is her patience, flexibility and wisdom, and her passion for helping people achieve their best and think creatively and outside the box. Through Angel’s guidance and encouragement I have definitely become more action-oriented and feel more in charge of my destiny.

– H. R. Mondiwa, Vancouver, B.C.

“Seeing wellness as a wheel in the way that Angel has designed it instead of a list has made wellness more accessible to me. There is no first place where one must start and no order in which things must be achieved in order to be successful. I’m also intrigued with addressing financial and environmental wellness as key components of our well-being and sense of health. We truly cannot feel secure or be able to manifest other aspects of health without the financial piece in place. It has allowed me to engage with the concept of wellness in a creative fashion instead of feeling that there was something punitive about making time and space to care for myself. I’ve used the wheel as a framework for the aspects of health that are vital to a full life, and I am adopting all eight components into my self-care equally. I have aligned each of the eight areas with one of the chakras and have focused my meditation on one area at a time with a more comprehensive view of how to embody that aspect in my daily choices. I have also highlighted one item for each day of the week so that I will never get too far behind in attending to all of the key areas. It is overwhelming to think of the many things that I could be doing for myself and this leads to avoiding doing much of anything. But I’m now using reflection at the end of the day to reinforce choices I’ve made that align with that day’s wellness topic. Curiosity is turning into commitment. Something has shifted my perspective about self-care and it feels gentler and more natural now. It’s wonderful to be able to count the simple acts of watering the plants and filling the bird feeders as a way that I can take care of myself. In using the wellness wheel as a tool, I know that I will keep circling back around and be able to fine tune my self-care plan in ways that support me at different times of the year and stages of life.

– Jill M., Wisconsin, USA