Reviving the House Call …. One Patient at a Time

People ask all the time why we choose to do house calls when it’d be so much easier to keep with the status quo.  Some argue that making the office hours more flexible is the answer.  Some say that hiring more staff would enable more patients to be seen.  While some of those structural components have made some medical offices operate more efficiently, the truth of the matter is that the house call is simply a different way of providing care.   As you watch the video, have a look at some of the things you’d never see in a typical doctor’s office setting.  Notice how the medicines are laid out for the doctor to check.  Notice how comfortable both the patient  and the doctor appear.  Can you imagine what a difference this makes in the patient’s blood pressure and other vital signs?  Listen to the conversation that takes place between the doctor and the patient about the patient’s family as if they’re old friends.   For us, house calls are health care at it’s best.  It’s more comprehensive.  It’s safe.  It’s convenient for the patient and their family.  The future of better healthcare is house calls … and that future is now.

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